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c/n 208

IM-1710 / F at Delhi / Palam - VIDP, India. (note structural addition on first slide!)
Photo: Unknown photographer © slide dated May 1994 - via Peter Steinemann - Karl E. Hayes Collection
Photo: Unknown photographer © via Peter Steinemann / Skyline - dated May 1994 - Karl E. Hayes Collection
C-FWEJ at Bain Lake on Seal River.
Photo: Myron Ridley © Date unknown
C-FWEJ of Wollaston Lake Lodge on Wollaston Lake.
Photo: Myron Ridley © Date unknown

c/n 208

IM-1710 / F



• IM-1710 / F Indian Air Force. Delivered 19-Nov-1957 until withdrawn from inventory on 31-Mar-1991 at Gwuahati Air Base, Assam, India.

• No regn Mike Hackman Aircraft Sales / La Ronge Aviation, La Ronge, SK.

Note: Rebuilt by T.C. Aviation., Saskatoon, SK.

• C-FWEJ La Ronge Aviation Services, La Ronge, SK.  02-Aug-1995.

• C-FWEJ Jackson Air Services Ltd., Flin Flon, MB. Regd 09-Apr-1996. Canx 18-Feb-2009.

• C-FWEJ Pike Air Inc., Edmonton, AB. Based Woolaston Lake, SK. Regd 18-Feb-2009. Canx 10-Jul-2009.

• C-FWEJ Kississing Lake Lodge Ltd., dba Wings over Kississing, Regd 14-Jul-2009. Re regd 18-Jan 2010.


Otter 208 was delivered to the Indian Air Force on 19 November 1957 with serial IM-1710. After test flying at Downsview it was packed into a crate and shipped to India where it was re-assembled and entered service. The Indian Air Force continued to fly the Otter until the type was formally withdrawn from the inventory on 31 March 1991 and the surviving aircraft were offered for sale. For a number of years prior to the withdrawal IM-1710 had served with 41 Squadron at Palam Air Base, Delhi, code F. It accumulated 5,598 hours in service with the Indian Air Force.

The successful bidders for the Indian Otters were mike Hackman Aircraft Sales / La Ronge Aviation, who travelled to India to prepare the Otters to be shipped back to Canada. IM-1710 was located at Gwuahati Air Base, Assam. It was one of four Otters shipped from Calcutta, which arrived in Saskatoon late January 1995.  The Otter was rebuilt at Saskatoon by T.C.Aviation, after which it was registered C-FWEJ to La Ronge Aviation Services Ltd., of La Ronge, Saskatchewan in July 1995.  Even though they were competitors, Pat Campling of La Ronge Aviation Services offered the Otter for sale at a good price to Bill Jackson of Jackson Air Services of Flon Flon, Manitoba, as he wanted to keep the Otter in Canada.  Bill Jackson said he would have to think about it, but when he had done so and decided to buy the Otter, a buyer from Florida had put a deposit on it.  However, that buyer could not complete, so Bill Jackson got to buy the Otter and it was registered to Jackson Air Services Ltd., of Flin Flon in April 1996.  If Bill Jackson had not bought the Otter, the next in line as a buyer was Denis O’Brien of Buffalo Narrows Airways, Saskatchewan but when he did not get this Otter, he bought Otter 194 instead in Alaska but sadly crashed and was killed on its delivery flight from Alaska.

C-FWEJ entered service with Jackson Air Services on general charter work from the Flin Flon base for the next few years. During summer 2004 it was used to service the Gangler fishing lodge on North Seal River, Manitoba. During winter 2004 / 2005 WEJ was converted to a Vazar Turbine Otter (PT-6A) at Flin Flon by Jackson Air Services and painted into a white colour scheme with green cheatline. It acquired Wollaston Lake Lodge titles, and was sold to the Lodge but Jackson had negotiated a contract to fly the Otter on behalf of the Wollaston Lake Fishing Lodge. It was based at the Lodge during the summer months and flew the lodge guests. The Lodge is located in north-eastern Saskatchewan, just south of the Arctic Circle.  As its website proclaimed: “A number of daily fly-out options are available to maximise your angling pleasure on Wollaston Lake Lodge. The fly-outs take you to remote destinations, each focusing on a unique fishery. Some are known for Northern Pike, others for Walleye, Grayling, Lake Trout or a combination. There’s a seat waiting for you on one of our two nine-passenger de Havilland Turbo Otter floatplanes. When you touch down you’ll find our boats standing by”.  The second Turbo Otter was C-FODW (403), also operated by Jackson Air Services on behalf of the Lodge.

This arrangement continued until 2009, when Jackson Air Services were withdrawing from aircraft operations.  In February 2009 the Otter was leased by Wollaston Lake Lodge to Pike Air Inc., of Edmonton but this was only temporary, as part of the transfer of the Otter to a new operator and on 14 July 2009 C-FWEJ was registered to Kississing Lake Lodge, trading as Wings over Kississing, who had acquired the Jackson base at Flin Flon and the business carried on there, and who in future would operate Otters WEJ and ODW on behalf of their owners, Wollaston Lake Lodge. The Kississing family brand had started when Curt and Juanita Enns purchased Kississing Lake Lodge & Outposts from Curt’s parents in 1990. In 2007 Wings over Kississing was born after Jackson Air Services approached Curt and Juanita to see if they wanted to take over the air service out of Flin Flon, including the Otters Jackson flew on behalf of fishing lodges.

That remains the position in summer 2017, with turbine Otters C-FWEJ (and C-FODW) operated by Wings over Kississing on behalf of the Wollaston Lake Lodge, and flying the lodge guests during the summer months.

Full history up to 2005 courtesy of Karl E Hayes © from DHC-3 Otter - A History (CD-ROM 2005), now with added and updated information which Karl has supplied for the benefit of the website.