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c/n 232

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c/n 232



• 57-6113 United States Army. Delivered 11-Feb-1958. Designated as U-1A.

Initially to Addison, TX., for installation of radio equipment for the European theatre by the Collins Radio Corporation.

Nothing known of subsequent history.

Removed from Army inventory Sep-1960 following a crash, details of which are unknown.

•  Written off

Otter 232 was delivered to the United States Army on 11th February 1958 with serial 57-6113 (tail number 76113). It was one of sixteen Army Otters delivered from Downsview to Addison, Texas for work to be done on them by Collins Radio Corporation. Most of these Otters were then delivered to Europe. Unfortunately, nothing is known of the Army service of 76113. It was deleted from the Army inventory in September 1960 as the result of a crash.

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