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c/n 246

57-6118 over snowy southern Ontario.
Photo: DHC © 15 March 1958 - DHC 149/470 - Aird Archives

c/n 246


• 57-6118 United States Army on 15th March 1958.

Initially to Addison, TX., for installation of radio equipment by the Collins Radio Corporation.

Delivered to a topographical Unit.  Presumed the 937th Aviation Company, Panama Control Zone, which was engaged on the Inter American Geodetic Survey (IAGS). It operated on survey duties throughout Central and South America.

Mar-1960. Deleted from US Army Inventory following crash. Details below.

Written off

Otter 246 was delivered to the United States Army on 15 March 1958 with serial 57-6118 (tail number 76118). Unlike other Army Otters being delivered around this time, which were painted olive drab, 76118 was painted by DHC for the Army in the red and white scheme, as it had been assigned to a survey unit, the 937th Engineer Company, for use on the Inter American Geodetic Survey (IAGS).  It was then flown from Downsview to Addison, Texas for work by the Collins Radio Corporation, to equip the Otter for service outside of the United States. It then entered service on the IAGS.

76118 continued in service until it was destroyed in an accident on 15 February 1960, crash landing in a river bed in eastern Colombia. The Otter had flown that day to Cucata to pick up parts for a helicopter. Conditions were overcast and the pilot became lost and running low on fuel. When the red warning low fuel light came on for the third time, he elected to land in a dry river bed. Unfortunately this had large rocks and boulders, which ripped the landing gear off and caused such extensive structural damage that the Otter was a write off.

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