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c/n 262

CF-ZYL early in her career.
Photo: Unkinown photographer © Date unknown - Karl E. Hayes Collection
C-FZYL at Toronto / Buttonville - CYKZ, Ontario.
Photo: Kenneth I. Swartz © January 1990 - Karl E. Hayes Collection
N62355 on delivery, at Edmonton Municipal Airport - CYXD, Edmonton, Alberta.
Two more print images of this aircraft on file at Edmonton Industrial / Municipal, on delivery to Alaska, will be added.
Photos: Neil Aird © 22 July 1990
N338AK arriving back at Juneau, Alaska.
Photo: Fred Barnes © July 2002 - Karl E. Hayes Collection
N338AK backs into parking spot at Juneau.
Photo: Helge Nyhus © June 2006 - Karl E. Hayes Collection

c/n 262




• CR-LDA Petrofina SA., of Luanda, Angola, Portuguese West Africa.  Regd 26th June 1958.

• CR-LDA Compagnie de Petroleos de Angola, Luanda, Portuguese West Africa. Date unknown.

Note Also quoted as being with Missao de Pesquisas (West Africa).

• CF-ZYL Bannock Aerospace Ltd., Toronto, ON., Feb-1971.

• CF-ZYL Airexec Services Ltd., Fort St John, BC., on lease. Regd Jun-1971.

• CF-ZYL Bannock Aerospace Ltd.,Toronto, ON.

• CF-ZYL Newfoundland & Labrador Air Transport Ltd (NLAT) of Corner Brook, NL. Based South Brook & Deer Lake.

• C-FZYL Re- registered to Newfoundland & Labrador Air Transport Ltd (NLAT) of Corner Brook, NL.

Note: Became an associate of Air Labrador. Apr-1974

• C-FZYL Labrador Airways (Air Labrador), Goose Bay, NL. Jan-1977.

Accident: Mary's Harbour, NL. 18-May-1984. Main gear collapsed on landing. Repaired and returned to service.

• C-FZYL Transferred to Labrador Aviation Services Ltd., Goose Bay, NL., 18-May-1988. Continued operating with the Labrador Airways fleet. Canx 23-Dec-1988.

Ken Wilson Aircraft Sales Ltd., Esteem Holdings Ltd., Markham, ON. Regd Jan-1989.

Note: Shown on CCAR as Esteem Holdings, Ltd.

• N62355 Kenneth R. Ward, dba Ward Air, of Juneau, Alaska, Regd Jul-1990.

• N62355 Alaska Juneau Aeronautics Inc, dba as Wings of Alaska, Juneau, AK. Regd Mar-1993.

• N338AK re-registered to Alaska Juneau Aeronautics Inc., Juneau, AK.

• N338AK Alaska Coastal Airlines Inc., Juneau, AK. Continued to fly with Wings of Alaska. Regd Apr- 2002.

Power plant: Texas Turbine conversion (conversion # 14) with the Garrett TPE-331 engine. Winter 2004/5.  Carried out by Kal-Air after being “de winged” and shipped in a crate to Vernon, BC.


Otter 262 was delivered to Petrofina SA of Luanda, Angola, then the colony of Portuguese West Africa, on 26th June 1958, registered CR-LDA. It was later registered to Compagnie de Petroleos de Angola, Luanda. Having served the oil industry in Angola for twelve years, the Otter was purchased by Bannock Aerospace Ltd., of Toronto in February 1971 and marks CF-ZYL allocated prior to the very long ferry flight from Luanda to Toronto. The Otter passed through Shannon, Ireland on 30th April 1971 before setting off via Iceland, Greenland and Newfoundland on the long Atlantic crossing.

It was overhauled on arrival and went on lease in June 1971 to Airexec Services Ltd., of Fort St. John, BC. It then returned off lease to Bannock Aerospace Ltd., and on 2nd June 1972 was sold to Newfoundland & Labrador Air Transport Ltd., (NLAT) of Corner Brook, Newfoundland, later re- registered C-FZYL. NLAT operated the Otter from South Brook, Newfoundland on floats during the summer and out of Deer Lake in winter. In April 1974 this company became a subsidiary of Air Labrador. In January 1977, NLAT was sold by Air Labrador but its two Otters ZYL and C-GNLA (424) were retained as part of the Air Labrador fleet. Accordingly, in January 1977, Otter ZYL was registered to Labrador Airways Ltd, based at Goose Bay. Labrador Airways gradually replaced its single Otters with Twin Otters on it scheduled services, but Otter ZYL was retained in the fleet for general charter work. One incident is recorded, on 18th May 1984, when the main gear collapsed on landing at Mary's Harbour, Newfoundland. The Otter was repaired and returned to service.

In May 1988, C-FZYL was transferred to Labrador Aviation Services Ltd., of Goose Bay and continued flying as part of the Labrador Airways fleet until it was sold in January 1989 and registered to Ken Wilson Aircraft Sales Ltd., of Toronto, and it was flown to Toronto's Buttonville Airport. It was sold on to Kenneth R. Ward, trading as Ward Air, of Juneau, Alaska, to whom it was registered  in July 1990 as N62355. The Otter was flown al the way to Juneau on wheels by Ken Ward. Noted by Neil Aird at Edmonton Municipal - CYXD on 22 July 1990. Its floats were transported via truck and then barge to Alaska and N62355 became a floatplane, flying from Juneau as such on general charter work.

The Otter continued flying for Ward Air until March 1993, when it was sold to Alaska Juneau Aeronautics Inc., trading as Wings of Alaska, also based at Juneau. This carrier operates scheduled and charter flights out of Juneau, particularly catering for the cruise ship passengers who call into Juneau during the summer months. In April 1997 the Otter was re-registered N338AK, in the course of a re-paint with Victoria Air Maintenance at their facility at Victoria on Vancouver Island. On 25th April 2002 the Otter was sold to Alaska Coastal Airlines Inc, a company formed by a group of employees of Alaska Juneau Aeronautics, and it continued to fly from Juneau as part of the Wings of Alaska fleet.

During 2004, Wings of Alaska arranged to convert its Otter fleet to the Texas Turbine conversion with the Garrett TPE-331 engine. Some of this work was carried out at the company's Juneau base, where personnel from Texas Turbine attended to assist. In the case of N338AK, its wings and piston engine were removed at Juneau and it was shipped in a crate (along with N339AK) to Vernon, BC where both Otters arrived mid October 2004. Here Kal-Air carried out the actual installation of the turbine engine before the Otter was shipped back to Juneau, where the conversion work would be completed over the winter of 2004/05.

Having been converted to a Texas Turbine Otter by Kal Air at Vernon, BC (conversion # 14) over the winter of 2004/05 and repainted in a new colour scheme, N338AK left Vernon (accompanied by N339AK number 454) in early March 2005, both returning to Juneau in the crates in which they had arrived. At Juneau they were re-assembled and entered service with Wings of Alaska as part of its four-strong turbo Otter fleet for summer 2005 and again in summer 2006.

Full history up to 2005 courtesy of Karl E Hayes © from DHC-3 Otter - A History (CD-ROM 2005)