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c/n 350

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c/n 350

59-2212 • EA53 • N24NC



• 59-2212 United States Army. Delivered 28-Dec-1959. Designated as U-1A..

Initial assignment to the Army Depot at Fort Worth, TX., as an operational support airlift aircraft.

Mar-1964. Re assigned to the Red River Army Depot, Texarkana, TX., also as an operational support aircraft.

• EA-53. Ethiopian National Defence Force. Donated to Ethiopia under a Military Aid Program. Jun-1968

Accident, Lidetta Air Base, Addis Ababa. 25-Dec-1971. Damaged in a forced landing.

Total time: 3,844 hrs.

• Un-regd Aircraft purchased by NCA International, then a subsidiary of Newcal Aviation of Little Ferry, NJ. Circa 1991

• N24NC Newcal Aviation, Little Ferry, NJ. Regd Jan-1992.

Note. Stored at Luqa, Malta until 1994 after which it was shipped to New Jersey.

• N24NC Pen Turbo Aviation Inc., Rio Grande, NJ. Regd 19-Aug-1995. Canx 09-Jan-1996 on export to Canada.

• N24NC Purchased by Randy D'Aoust, dba Quality Aircraft Sales Ltd., St. Albert, AB. Remained in storage.

• C-FZDW Quality Aircraft Sales Ltd., St. Albert, AB. Regd 23-Sep-1996. Remained in storage.

Note: Sep-1999. Trucked to Aeroflite Industries, Vancouver International Airport for possible turbine conversin. However remained in storage there.

• C-FZDW Canx 11-Sep-2000.

Status unknown

Otter 350 was delivered to the United States Army on 28th December 1959 with serial 59-2212 (tail number 92212). Its initial unit assignment, as an operational support airlift aircraft, was to the Army Depot at Fort Worth, Texas. It remained based at Fort Worth until March 1964, when it was assigned to the Red River Army Depot, Texarkana, Texas also as an operational support aircraft, and it continued in this role until June 1968. It was then prepared at the Red River Depot for its next assignment, being donated in September 1968 to the Government of Ethiopia under a Military Aid Program.

It was operated by the Ethiopian Army with serial EA-53, one of six Army Otters transferred to Ethiopia. EA-53 made its last flight on 25th December 1971, when it was damaged in a forced landing at its base, Lidetta, outside of Addis Ababa. It had at that stage 3,844 hours total time. It remained in storage at Lidetta, and during 1977 / 1978 was joined by the other three surviving Ethiopian Army Otters, EA-50 (347), EA-52 (349) and EA-54 (122). These four Otters remained parked at Lidetta until 1991, when they were purchased by NCA International, then a subsidiary of Newcal Aviation of Little Ferry, New Jersey. They were registered to Newcal Aviation in January 1992, EA-53 becoming N24NC. They were taken to Malta, where they remained until 1994, when they were shipped to Newcal Aviation's facility at Little Ferry, New Jersey.

Newcal Aviation are a major supplier of parts for DHC aircraft. The four Otters remained in storage at the Litte Ferry warehouse for two years. In August 1995 they were registered to Pen Turbo Aviation Inc, Rio Grande, New Jersey, which was a Newcal company incorporated to develop a turbine powered version of the DHC-4 Caribou. In 1996 the four Otters were sold to Mr Randy D'Aoust, whose company was Quality Aircraft Sales Ltd., of St. Albert outside of Edmonton, Alberta. All four Otters were trucked the long distance from New Jersey to Alberta, where they went into storage at the hangar which Mr D'Aoust had at his facility at St. Albert.  At the same time he also bought an ex Canadian military Otter (409) from Newcal, which was also trucked to St. Albert and although this Otter was rebuilt and sold on, none of the four Ethiopian Otters was rebuilt by him.

In September 1996 Otter 350 was registered to Quality Aircraft Sales Ltd., St. Albert as C-FZDW but remained in storage. Mr D'Aoust eventually disposed of the Otters, and in September 1999 this Otter together with 347 (ex EA-50) were noted at the Aeroflite Industries facility at the Vancouver International Airport, awaiting conversion to turbine Otters at some future date. Both were still in the olive drab colours they carried whilst in service with the Ethiopian Army, and still carried their yellow Ethiopian insignia. The Canadian registration C-FZDW was cancelled on 11th September 2000, and the Otter remained in storage at Vancouver.

The Otter was subsequently trucked to Courtenay, BC on Vancouver Island, to the facility of International Aeroproducts where it was used in the rebuild of Otter serial 274. It would appear that by far the majority of Otter 274, now registered N6868B, is comprised of Otter serial 350, including the entire fuselage and wings. The original number 274 was very badly damaged in an accident in May 1993, with little more than the tail section surviving that accident. In any event, according to the paperwork, Otter 350 has ceased to exist and the rebuilt 274 now flies as N6868B for its owner Kirk M. Thomas based at Ketchikan, Alaska..

Full history up to 2005 courtesy of Karl E Hayes from DHC-3 Otter - A History (CD-ROM 2005) with subsequent added notes.