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c/n 388

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c/n 388



• 59-2231 United States Army. Delivered 01-Sep-1960. Designated U-1A.

Golden Knights Parachute Team at Fort Bragg,NC.

Feb-1966. To Vietnam where it was assigned to the 54th Aviation Company.

Nov-1968. Transferred to the 18th Aviation Company.

Accident: Jan-1971. Details unknown. Destroyed and disposed of.


Otter 388 was delivered to the United States Army on 1st September 1960 with serial 59-2231 (tail number 92231). It was the last of an order for 190 U-1A Otters delivered to the Army. It was delivered to the Golden Knights Parachute Team at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, painted in the Team's attractive colour scheme. It flew for the Golden Knights until late 1965 when it was taken out of service, painted olive drab, and prepared for shipment to Vietnam. It arrived in Vietnam in February 1966 and was assigned to the 54th Aviation Company. In November 1968 it was transferred to the 18th Aviation Company and continued to fly for this unit until destroyed in an accident in January 1970.

The wreckage was disposed of by the 303rd Transportation Company.

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