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c/n 439

C-FPEN swings quietly on the buoy.
Photo: Neil Aird © 14 July 1995

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c/n 439




 CF-PEN Hudson Bay Air Transport Ltd., Flin Flon, MB. Delivered 24th May 1963.

Note: Reportedly completed on 11-Apr-1962 but there seems to be some confusion regarding the actual years of manufacture for aircraft around this construction number.

 C-FPEN Lac Seul Airways Ltd., Ear Falls, ON

 C-FPEN Fast Air Ltd., Winnipeg, MB. Based Baker Lake, NV. Regd. 31-Mar-2004. Canx 16-Aug-2007.

Power plant: Converted to Texas  Turbine Otter by Kal Air, Vernon, BC..

Note: Also had other modifications such as 'Yukon Door' modification and panoramic windows installed.

Total time: 10,689hrs.

 C-FPEN North Star Air Ltd., Pickle Lake, ON. Regd 29-Aug-2007. Canx 16-Apr-2008.

 C-FPEN Central Flyway Air Inc., (Venture Air), Thompson, MB. Canx 19-Nov-2008.

 C-FPEN Oopik Aviation Inc., Baker Lake, NU. Regd 02-Apr-2009.



Otter 439 was delivered to Hudson Bay Air Transport Ltd of Flin Flon, Manitoba on 24th May
1963, registered CF-PEN. The manufacturer's plate on the aircraft says its manufacture was
completed on 11th April 1962, so it was evidently in storage for just over a year before it was
delivered. Also delivered to the company the same day was number 438 CF-PEM. These two Otters
were ordered as replacements for Otters CF-JOR (212) and CF-KTI (269) which had both been
destroyed in a fire at the company's hangar at Flin Flon on 4th April 1963.
These two Otters flew alongside the company's surviving Otter CF-MIQ (336) until the need for
bush aircraft diminished during the early 1980s. CF-PEN was sold in January 1983 to Lac Seul
Airways Ltd of Ear Falls, Ontario, becoming C-FPEN and flew alongside Lac Seul's other Otter CFHXY
(67), flying tourists and guests to fishing lodges during the summer season. The Otter was to fly
for Lac Seul Airways for twenty years. After the summer 2003 season, Lac Seul Airways decided to
sell PEN and continue operations with HXY. Otter PEN was sold to Fast Air Ltd of Winnipeg, a
company which operated Piper Navajos, King Air 200s and IAI-1124 Westwind executive jets. Fast
Air had decided to diversify and had negotiated a joint venture contract on which the Otter would be
used up north.
In early February 2004, PEN arrived at Vernon, BC where it was converted to a Texas Turbine
Otter by Kal Air, and also had the 'Yukon Door' modification and panoramic windows installed. It was
also re-painted into Fast Air's blue and white colour scheme and registered to its new owners on 31st
March 2004. It departed Vernon on 25th April '04 to Lethbridge and made it direct from there to
Winnipeg. At that stage of its career, it had 10,689 hours on the airframe. At Fast Air's hangar at
Winnipeg it had avionics fitted, and an arctic owl emblem painted on the side, named 'Ookpik'. It was
put on wheel-skis and on 12th May '04 departed for the long haul north to Baker Lake, Nunavut its
new base. Here it is used in support of mineral exploration year round, and for tourists during the
summer months.

History courtesy of Karl E. Hayes © from DHC-3 Otter: A History (2005).