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c/n 441

64-441 / O-AL on amphibs.
Photo: RNoAF © Date unknown - Steinar Saevdal Collection
CF-CDL pops into Manchester.
Photo: Unknown photographer © May 1968 - Aird Archives
CF-CDL in the SRS hangar at Shannon, Eire.
Photo: Unknown photographer © 25 April 1968 - Karl E. Hayes Collection

c/n 441

64-441 • CF-CDL (2)



• 64-441 Royal Norwegian Air Force. Delivered 28-Jan-1964. Arrived at Oslo 02-Mar-1964.

09-Jun-1964. Assigned to 7192nd Stotteving (7192nd Support Flight), Orland Air Force Base on amphibious floats.

Re-assigned as 720th Squadron, coded JT-S. 25-Jan-1967. Based at Orland.

09-Oct-1967. Taken out of service & struck off charge on 15-Nov-1967. Entrusted to Halle & Peterson of Oslo, the DHC agents in Norway, for disposal.

Total time: 1,257 hrs.

• CF-CDL (2) Thomas Lamb Airways Ltd., The Pas, MB. Regd in April 1968. Later re named Lambair.

• CF-CDL (2) A. Fecteau Transport Aérien, Senneterre, QC. Regd Feb-1972.

Accident: Lac Goulde, QC. 25th June 1975. While operating on floats, referred to in the accident report as “engine failure on climb out” and was substantially damaged

• C-FCDL Air Fecteau Ltée., Senneterre, QC

Incident at Lac Canusio, QC. 09-Mar-1981. After unloading cargo and taxying to take off, broke through the ice and was partially submerged.

• C-FCDL Propair Inc., Senneterre, QC. Canx 05-Dec-1984.

• C-FCDL Cargair Ltée., St.Michel-des-Saintes, QC.

Accident: 25 miles north of its base at St.Michel-des-Saintes, 27-May-1991. In the cruise, the Otter struck trees in IMC conditions, crashed and burned. One of two occupants killed.

Destroyed by fire

Otter 441 was delivered to the Royal Norwegian Air Force on 28th January 1964 with serial 64- 441, taken from its year of delivery and constructor's number. It was crated and shipped to Norway, arriving in Oslo Harbour 2nd March 1964. It was taken to Kjeller Air Force Base where it was re- assembled, and accepted by the Air Force, and allocated code O-AL. On 9th June 1964 it was assigned to 7192 Stotteving (7192nd Support Flight) at Orland Air Force Base on amphibious floats. It was to serve the entire of its military career at Orland. In March 1966 it went to Kjeller Air Base for overhaul, returning to Orland. 7192nd Support Flight became 720 Squadron, and on 25th January 1967 the Otter received code JT-S. It remained based at Orland with Detachment D of 720th Squadron until 9th October 1967 when it was taken out of service. On 15th November 1967 it was struck off charge, having flown a total of 1,257 hours in the service of the Royal Norwegian Air Force, and was entrusted to Halle & Peterson of Oslo, the DHC agents in Norway, for disposal.

Three of the former Norwegian Air Force Otters were sold to Thomas Lamb Airways Ltd., of The Pas, Manitoba in April 1968, number 29, which was allocated marks CF-XJM, number 423 which became CF-XIL and number 441 which became CF-CDL. This was the second use of the marks CF-CDL, which had initially been used for Otter 433 which had been destroyed in a crash on 14th February 1968. The purchase price was $30,000 a piece for each of the three Otters and at the time of the sale all three were located at Vaernes Air Base, Trondheim on amphibious floats. Thomas Lamb Airways (later re-named Lambair) were responsible for returning many Otters back to Canada from foreign parts, and arranged for ferry pilots to fly the three Otters back to Canada. A ferry permit was issued for the delivery flight from Vaernes Air Base to The Pas.

The three Otters set off in formation, flying first to Rotterdam in Holland (also noted at Soesterberg Air Base nearby on 22nd April), then to Manchester, England and on to Shannon in Ireland, where they arrived on 25th April 1968. At Shannon, ferry tanks were installed in the Shannon Repair Services hangar for the ocean crossing. The three-Otter formation departed Shannon on 4th May for Prestwick, Scotland and on to Stornoway before setting off across the Atlantic via Iceland and Greenland to Goose Bay. The three Otters arrived at The Pas, Manitoba where they were overhauled and entered service with Lambair.

In February 1972 CF-CDL was sold to A. Fecteau Transport Aérien of Senneterre, Québec. It met with an accident at Lac Goulde, Quebec on 25th June 1975 while operating on floats, referred to in the accident report as “engine failure on climb out” and was substantially damaged. After repair, it was returned to service, the company name being changed to Air Fecteau Ltée., and the registration to C-FCDL. It suffered another incident at Lac Canusio, Québec on 9th March 1981. After landing on the frozen lake, on which the ice was only one and a half inches thick, the pilot had unloaded five 45 gallon fuel drums, by pushing them out of the cargo door and allowing them to free fall to the ice, which weakened it. While taxying away from the unloading area for take-off, the Otter broke through the ice and was partially submerged. It was again repaired and returned to service.

Air Fecteau Ltée., merged into Propair Inc., to whom C-FCDL was registered. On 7th March 1984, a precautionary landing after propeller failure is recorded at LG-2 in northern Québec. In July 1986 the Otter was sold to Cargair Ltée., based at St.Michel-des-Saintes, Québec. It continued flying for Cargair until it was destroyed in a crash on 27th May 1991, twenty five miles north of its base at St.Michel-des-Saintes. In the cruise, the Otter struck trees in IMC conditions, crashed and burned. One of the two occupants sadly was killed and the other seriously injured. The Otter was destroyed.

Full history up to 2005 courtesy of Karl E Hayes © from DHC-3 Otter - A History (CD-ROM 2005)